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Crush Self-Doubt /
May 10, 2019

Step 5: Define the Truth

“Many of us would probably do a lot more with our lives if we just believed we could. You might even exceed your expectations.” – Bethany

So you’ve looked at the false belief at the core of your self-doubt and fear, you’ve seen with real clarity what that belief is costing you now and will if you hold on to it, and you’ve played a bit with believing the exact opposite. Now we want to come to reality. The truth.

Often we’ve believed that lie about ourselves for so long it’s hard to tell ourselves any other story about it. But persevere… because the truth is far more beautiful than the lie.

And once we establish the truth… or at least our best go at it in this moment, we can then decide whether to keep the limiting belief and all that accompanies it… or begin to replace it.

I realized the mindset I had of thinking that I couldn’t surf again was false. It was a simple mental shift to focusing on the possibilities that helped me see clearly. The truth was that even if there were roadblocks in the way, there was a path that could be taken. “I don’t need easy, I just need possible.” This is where that popular quote came from.



Grab your pen & paper. Spend 5 minutes or 30 minutes… whatever time you can carve out to invest. Write your thoughts down.


What is actually true?

What can you see clearly now? Have you been ignoring some truths?

For me, the truth is often easier to find in Scripture. What does God say about this belief?

What do the people who truly care about me see in me?

“whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.” – Philippians 4:8 (ESV)


Now form that into one statement that is clear and leaves no room for the false-belief.

Write out one statement… no matter how long… no matter how grammatically incorrect… just write one statement that encapsulates the truth you’ve uncovered. (you can always refine it another time)

Here’s a few examples:

EX A: I am made to be loved. I know I am loved by God – who’s display of love for me blows me away! I have family/friends that love and support me. I can forgive. I can be forgiven. I can love well too.

EX B: I realized that while it’s gonna be hard, and I will face challenges, my dreams of better health are not hypothetical, they are achievable. That’s the truth.

EX C: I used to believe (self-doubt or belief about yourself), but now I see (the truth you’ve uncovered).

It feels so good to get clarity on our situation, doesn’t it? Remember, one step at a time. So much of what holds us back is purely mindset based, and it’s mental shifts like this that get us on the right track. How are you doing in this process? Have these steps been doable for you? Email us… We’d love to hear from you.


In case you need to catch up, or if you’re ready to keep going, here’s all 7 Steps:

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