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Crush Self-Doubt /
May 9, 2019

Step 4: Try on the Opposite

“I believe we can do amazing things when we focus on our abilities rather than our fears.” – Bethany

Now we get into the fun part – Trying on the opposite of our doubts and fears.
Here’s Adam to get us started:

Point of clarity time. Even if the opposite isn’t the complete truth… do this exercise. The opposite is often closer to the truth than what we’ve allowed ourselves to believe over time. Dream a bit here. Go into the clouds. This may be a new vision for you!

This is the point for me when I had that lightbulb moment. When my friend Mike Coots (Thanks Mike!) helped me see that continuing to surf could be a possibility! I may not have imagined where surfing would take me; but it was that pivotal moment where self-doubt lost its grip on me! Fast forward to now, thank goodness I kept surfing because I got to live out the dream I had even before I lost my arm.



Take out your pen & paper. Spend 5 minutes or 30 minutes… however much time you can carve out to invest. Journal your hopes, dreams, and ideas.


What if I believed the opposite?

What if the opposite was actually true?
What would shift in me?
How would this free me up?

Here’s a few examples:
EX A: I am able to be loved and receive love. I let others love me and am able to love well in return.

EX B: I put in the consistent efforts and have made major life changes and it has payed off! I am free of pain, I have reached a healthy weight, my energy is up.


What would that be like to live life with this new belief?

How might opportunities open for me?
How would my closest relationships benefit?
How would my career benefit?

Here’s a few examples:
EX A: While life is not without times of pain, I am able to live in love and forgiveness. I am able to trust again, experience true connection with others and deepen friendships.

EX B: Because of that I’m able to do the activities I’ve been wanting to do, my attitude is more positive and I’m more of a joy to be around. I’m able to serve others the way I desire to.


Play It Out for 30 days? For A Year? 5 years? 10 years?

What impact it could have your family, health, friends, kids, career?
On what you leave behind?

Here’s a few examples:
EX A: One day I am in a healthy, loving, lifelong relationship and am a solid role model for the next generation.

EX B: In five years I’ll be active and maybe even training for a marathon! Later in life, I’ll be able to play with my grandkids and teach them important life lessons.

Isn’t it fun to dream and get excited about the possibilities?! I think this is my favorite step. Now we’re building the momentum we need to carry us through the final 3 steps. You’ve got this.


In case you need to catch up, or if you’re ready to keep going, here’s all 7 Steps:

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