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August 20, 2020

Limitations Aren’t Excuses

We all have limitations. That’s part of being human. The difference is that some people use them as excuses, while others push on.

Losing my arm could have been an excuse for me to stop doing my most favorite thing in the whole world – surfing. But I am SO glad I didn’t let it stop me! What a loss that would have been. I really don’t even like thinking otherwise.

Not limiting myself means I have given myself permission again and again to try the hard things, listen to my passion, and chase after what really excites me. I can’t encourage you enough to just plain be willing to try something hard instead of saying I can’t without even trying.

There are countless examples around us of people with so-called limitations who carry on. In fact, many people take their limitations and turn them into motivation.

I’ve already introduced you to Nick Vujicic. Nick was born without limbs and he has learned to not let that hold him back AT ALL. Nick is a gifted speaker, author, husband, father of four, and a CEO.

Our Story of Hope on the blog in April 2020 was about Colorado teenager Ashley Jones who found new passions and opportunities through her experience of limb loss. If you missed that story check it out here.

Have you heard of Derek Rabelo who was born blind and surfed Pipeline? If you haven’t seen his film Beyond Sight add that one to your queue!

Or Amy Purdy who returned to snowboarding after losing both her legs at age 19 and has gone on to get snowboarding into the Paralympics, bring home medals for the USA, become a finalist on Dancing with the Stars and so much more.

…And there are MANY other amazing examples in the world!

The truth is, Covid-19 is putting a lot of limitations on all of us in 2020, but it doesn’t have to hold us back from relationships, goals, hard work, connection, encouragement, and healthy living.

We can look at any limitation (physical, relational, financial, health, social-distancing) as a reason to settle, to not try, or to sit on the sidelines or complain a whole lot. But I think God has called us to live in confidence and to trust him in faith for the outcomes. Remember, being Unstoppable doesn’t mean we don’t have limitations, it means we live without excuses and we adapt!


Journal It:

One way of letting go of our limitations is to talk about them because in naming the things that hold us back we are better able to break free and see things more clearly. Start by writing it down. Next, tell someone you trust one limitation you’ve allowed to be an excuse in your life. Ask them to check in with you next week to see how the letting-go process is going.

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