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November 16, 2021

Learning from Unstoppable Overcomers Nick, Mike, and Kate

I love meeting women and men at Beautifully Flawed and Forge retreats and I learn so much from these incredible people who have overcome so much. We love bringing you Stories of Hope on the blog from retreat attendees, and Unstoppable Life Program participants.

When I step back and look at the amazing list of teachers and mentors that were my guests for the Unstoppable Life mini-courses I am struck by how, in addition to being experts and guides on certain topics, they are also overcomers, each in their own way. Today I want to highlight and re-introduce you to 3 of my course guests who have overcome in extraordinary ways…

Nick Vujicic. Guest for Overcome Your Obstacles course.

Nick was born with no limbs and has been overcoming his whole life. He says his biggest obstacle is overcoming internal fear and one of the ways he does that is having the mindset of seeing obstacles as opportunities. Nick says, “I don’t know what’s impossible until I know what’s possible.”

Click here to Meet Nick and see a powerful video clip with Nick’s advice about hitting a wall.

Mike Coots. Guest for Live Your Passion course.

Mike and I have a lot in common, including calling Kauai home and limb loss after a shark encounter. We also share the experience of turning obstacles into fuel for our passion areas. Check out Meet Mike to hear how Mike ended up discovering a new passion because of his overcoming journey, including some great advice about how you can discover your passion. Spoiler alert…he started spending a lot more time with sharks after his accident.

Kate Merrick. Guest for Be Present course.

Kate faced the unthinkable during the sickness and loss of her precious daughter at age 8. As Kate learned to keep going she learned the power of living in the present. Go to Meet Kate to hear more of her powerful story, including her wisdom on the practice of unplugging in order to seek and find contentment and the art of Flipping FOMO. I loved and highly recommend Kate’s latest book called Here, Now: Unearthing Peace and Presence in an Overconnected World.

The truth is we have all overcome something and we all have a story to share that can bless others. Check out The Power of YOUR Story for more encouragement about discovering, embracing, and sharing your story on your own Unstoppable journey.

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