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August 31, 2021

Know Yourself

I get asked a lot about how I balance motherhood and my career…how I “do it all.”

As I shared in Is “Wonder Woman” the Goal?…I don’t do it all…plus I have boundaries and I have help…and I believe we all should!

In a Rip Curl IG chat, I told my friend and former pro surfer, Rosy Hodge, that everyone has to find what works for them and make the most with what they’ve got. I can’t tell someone what to do or how to do it. Everyone needs to figure that out for themselves. To throw it all the way back to Socrates, I think the key is to “know thyself.” What are your passions? Your gifts? Your priorities? Your boundaries? What are you willing to sacrifice and what are you not?

(This is actually a process we walk you through in the Anchor Your Identity course.)

It is also important to have grace for yourself while you figure out the answers to those questions. It’s a journey! And it’s not about perfection or getting it “right” – it’s about rolling with the punches, listening to your gut, adapting, and being present with your feelings.

Advice, encouragement and accountability are all great things…and it is just as important to be still and quiet, seeking to know yourself (and your Creator) better so that you can tune into what makes YOU excited to live life to the fullest!

Watch my full conversation with Rosy here:


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Journal It:

Spend a few minutes reflecting on these “know yourself” questions and jot down your answers: What are your passions? Your gifts? Your priorities? What are you willing to sacrifice and what are you not?

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