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May 12, 2022

Keys for Success in Dating & Relationships

As part of my ‘Ohana Mother Daughter Experience Live sessions, we dive into some of the most important, although sometimes hard to prioritize, topics for moms and their teen girls.

Dating, marriage, and sex (or intimacy as I like to refer to it) is sometimes an awkward subject to bring up, but it is truly so important to have conversations about this and to consider it with a wholesome perspective.

To help lead this discussion and teach us during ‘Ohana Live, we welcomed author and speaker, Jackie Brewton.  Jackie is a mentor to teens and has been speaking professionally for more than 16 years, delivering keynotes and workshops to over 100,000 teens both in the U.S. and abroad. She has written several books, like 7 Secrets Guys Will Never Tell You: A Teen Girl’s Guide on Love, Sex, and Relationships, which is based on what she learned directly from teen guys in the classroom.

She is an incredible woman who speaks with authority and kindness in such a down to earth, clear manner. We all enjoyed listening to her!

Adam and I also got to share our love story and answer the girls’ questions about marriage and dating. It was a total blast!

I want to share a few key points from our discussion time.

1. ) From Jackie: Understanding YOUR value as a person is wildly impactful to your life and the way you view love and relationships. She shared two examples from real conversations she has had with women ages 12-35! This was such an important reminder!

Check out the clip from our call here:


2.) From Adam and I: In our experience, God’s way is best — even when that means being patient and setting boundaries when it comes to intimacy!

The relationship that occurs with God’s involvement and presence is unlike any other. I do not regret waiting for this kind of a relationship!

Here’s a little clip of us sharing that:


Jackie shared with us, The Perfect Valentines gift for you and your daughter. And The Letter Every Mother should Write to her Daughter.   We have included it here as a free gift to all you mothers and daughters out there!

We are cheering you on to live a life of radical love! It is worth the wait!

To learn more about the ‘Ohana Experience, a mentorship program for teen and pre-teen girls and their moms, click here.

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