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November 6, 2020

Introducing the HubbyCam!

My husband Adam is starting a new video series!

As Adam said in the video, our third child is due in just a few months, February 2021, so I’ll be going on maternity leave around then and not doing as much posting. But, when I go on maternity leave, Adam will post weekly Hubby Cam videos on our YouTube and Blog to give you more of an inside look into our lives!

He talked about this in the video, but he’s such a great support to me. Helping me carve out time to surf and putting my priorities above his. I so appreciate him, my parents, and my brother’s families who at times help with the boys so we can get our “surf tanks” filled!!

Who can you support today?! Look for some ways you can support your family members, neighbors or friends so they can get their “whatever” tanks refilled and their needs met.

This series should be a fun adventure that you get to come on with us. We hope you enjoy the HubbyCam episodes!

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