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April 26, 2022

Introducing The Hubby Blog! A New Series

Anyone else wondering how we are to navigate such strong influences in our culture? Media like Youtube, TV, and video games or relationships with friends, school, sports, and family life are just some of the major topics that we are all trying to balance in our families. Sometimes it gets so overwhelming it’s hard to tell what to do and which way to go!

Aloha! This is Bethany’s husband, Adam, writing…

Bethany and I have been talking a lot lately about how we are raising our boys. As most moms and dads who are very intentional about how to approach parenting, we find ourselves constantly talking about bringing up respectful, kind, empathetic, and strong young children that can navigate the world with confidence.

We have started looking at our own lives; How are we living our lives down to the nitty gritty details? What are we modeling to our children with our actions and communication? What intentional conversations are we having that are shaping their young hearts and minds? What principles are we instilling in our boys that will prepare them to be resilient and confident no matter what challenges life throws at them?

Bethany and I are excited to share with you some the top conversations that we are beginning to have with our boys in addition to the morals and values we are trying to model to them.

I’m really excited to begin this blog series with you. We believe now more than ever, that our children (as well as young men & women and parents) need encouragement, guidance, and intentional mentorship to help guide them through these murky waters of culture.

If you are a son or daughter, no matter what age, I hope the following topics will be encouraging and provide guidance for your future.

And if you are a parent, I hope these blogs will serve as a great resource for you and your family to utilize. If you don’t agree with everything we talk about, I suggest looking for what you do agree with. For example, when I don’t agree with something, I always like to look for little nuggets to walk away with that benefit either my outlook on the world, or little tips that I can apply to how I approach my relationships with those around me.

Looking forward to this journey together. Let us know your thoughts or specific topics you would like us to address. We will do our best to cover as much as we can throughout this series.

Stay tuned!

Adam, Bethany, & The Boys

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