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March 16, 2020

Immunity Boosting Tips

If we focus on good health year round then we don’t need to worry as the seasons change!

One of my my go-to holistic health practitioners Dr. Kerry Dillberg, whom I have been receiving trusted health advice and support from since I was a teenager, sent out a very helpful newsletter with practical tips for boosting our immune system and helping us avoid any type of virus.

I’ve learned a ton about health and have been following a very health focused lifestyle since my later teens and naturally I lead my family in the same way. I can tell you its taken a bit of focus to stay away from conventional convenient food but it is so worth it.  Might I add, it’s more than just the food you eat too! That being said, I can’t remember the last time I’ve taken antibiotics and neither of my children have ever had antibiotics or anything of that sort, thankfully. Coincidence? I think not. We make choices that build for resilient health.

With the permission of Dr. Kerry Dillberg, I am passing on these practical health habits, and added a bit, that are important all the time, but especially right now. I hope you find these immunity boosting tips encouraging and empowering – let’s combat health anxiety by focusing on what we can control.

Stay healthy everyone!

Dr. Dillberg recommends that you focus on your IMMUNE SYSTEM AND VITALITY. You cannot always control your environment, and you cannot ensure that you are not around someone who is a carrier of the virus (common flu or Corona virus).

You CAN influence and support your own immune system.

You can do much more than wash your hands multiple times per day! Here are some common-sense health habits that will boost and/or support your immune system and give you the BEST POSSIBLE immune function. Give yourself the best possible chance to avoid succumbing to any serious flu or virus:

  • Focus your diet on vegetables (every meal can contain leafy greens: Breakfast stir fry/Green Smoothie Snack drinks/Big Salads for Lunch/and a balanced dinner with steamed or roasted vegetables taking up a good amount of your plate, along with a healthy protein). I like veggie filled soups!
  • Reduce sugars and refined carbohydrates (i.e.grains). Virus, Bacteria, Yeast, Mold, and Fungus feed on sugars. High sugar intake is a major factor in all degenerative illnesses.
  • Make sure you are keeping a healthy sleep schedule. During the sleep cycle your body detoxifies and does the work to boost immune function, balance hormones, build new cells, and repair tissues. Without proper sleep you are stretching your bodies resources very thin.
  • Reduce mental and emotional stress by looking for the good in all things. When we suffer from anger, anxiety, frustration, or fear – our brain puts out acidic chemicals that can actually eat away at our tissues and organs. Mental stress is one of the largest factors in any disease process. Maybe watch the news a bit less and shy away from social media if it’s causing you anxiety.
  • Support your immune system with high quality nutritional supplements. High quality nutritional supplements are concentrated nutrition – with higher doses and components that are difficult to get in your day to day diet. Xymogen Nutraceuticals use only independently tested ingredients and has the most advanced research and development.

Let’s all remember that Good Health is our Choice, and that your daily choices can make or break your health.

– Great News and Health Advice from Dillberg Integrated Healthcare

Lots of love and good health to you,

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