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August 15, 2019

If It Brings You Joy

My family recently survived the process of moving.

We are beyond stoked on our move and thankful to have a home; but gosh moving is stressful and it’s a serious undertaking with a family of four. If you’ve moved recently, or moved ever, I’m sure you can relate.

There is something about packing and transferring your belongings from one place to another that makes you stop and ask yourself, is all the stuff is really “essential”? Moving this last month, provided our whole family with this opportunity. Does this item bring us joy? As Marie Kondo would say! Is it an essential item for our life? If yes, pack it. If no, say thank you and let go of it.

Simplifying life through the untangling of belongings is so cleansing!

And so the process went, room by room, item by item. I literally had like 50 wetsuits and a 100 bikinis and got rid of most of them! Thanks Rip Curl for keeping me warm and suited in the surf! haha.

Slowly the boxes were packed, and then unpacked. Well, they are mostly unpacked… reorganized, simplified, and grateful.  Clutter be gone! For now 😉 and I still have too many clothes but I’m trying to continue the process!!! I always have a little box in our garage of stuff to pass along to friends.

Sometimes it’s important to hang onto the things that remind of us sweet and precious moments, that carry with them our past, or are reminders of our hopes for the future. But sometimes, especially during moving time, it’s important to weed out and let go of the extra. And when we do, we are left with rooms filled with only the things that matter. And less to clean!

Getting down to the essentials has been helpful in my journey of being able to better focus on my passions: my surfing, faith, and family. When we can spend less time stressed out about “stuff,” we are better able to live unstoppable!


p.s. The book we are reading is Unstoppable Me, written by my hubby Adam!

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