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December 10, 2020

HubbyCam Episode 6: UNPLUGGED

Enough scrolling the newsfeeds… It’s time to go camping!

Kauai’s mountains are up like 5k feet, so it gets to be about 20 degrees cooler. Fully different environment. We’re staying in a friend’s cabin in a forest of Ohia and Koa and Ginger.

We try to make it up here at least twice a year. There’s no cell service. No WIFI. Completely UNPLUGGED. So it’s a great time of rest and restoration for our family and we just LOVE IT! It’s fun to be able to focus on our family, and that’s what we value the most.

Enjoy a glimpse into the fun we had – the lookouts, a hike, playing at the park, the lodge museum, painting pinecones, playing games, relaxing and (Tobias and Adam’s favorite) bonfires!

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