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January 21, 2021

HubbyCam ep.9: What’s For Breakfast?

This is a good morning HubbyCam edition. The day has begun and we’ll share our typical family morning routine!

I start with getting my coffee going! Yes, of course I’m a big coffee drinker… Before Bethany and I got married she was not a coffee drinker, so I highly influenced her. 😉

We make breakfast (Acai bowls today) and then we follow breakfast with some reading; usually a Bible story. Today mama bear, Bethany, woke up a bit later, and we all went on a walk! Then the day officially begins… homeschooling, surfing, body care, work, etc.

It’s nice to have routines in the morning. Routine is kind of a goal for us because it’s healthy for kids.

If you have some goals you’re working on, share with us! And check out our Unstoppable Living Private Community group – we’d love to have you there and help keep you accountable.

~Adam (Bethany’s husband)

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