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January 28, 2021

HubbyCam Ep.10 Big Surf Vibes

The surf is up in Kauai. Almost too big for people to be surfing…

We’ve got the cousins and some friends and we’re going to go out on the “Trail of Doom” (as our nephew declares) to a lookout to watch the big waves! It’s so fun when there’s a ton of energy in the water. Excited to show you guys what it’s all about!

Also included a glimpse of what the waves looked like on Maui this same day, so you could see some up close action.

There were at least 30 – 40 foot wave heights. Guys were getting shacked! Other guys getting wiped out. Bethany’s film “Unstoppable” does a really good job of showing what these big wave experiences are like when Bethany tows into Jaws over on Maui. Go watch it if you haven’t seen it yet.

Talk about facing your fears, and facing things that are challenging and persevering through that…

We all have mountains/waves in our life that are gonna come at us that seem intimidating. We’ve gotta endure the hardships and poundings… there will be an awesome ride eventually. Whatever you’re facing now, just know that God is with you. There is hope in Christ. Hope during the times when it feels you’re getting held down under water and the ride is rough. When you do catch that ride and have those sweet moments in life, it’s so worth it.

Hope you enjoyed a little taste of the excitement here on Kauai! Catcha next time!

~Adam (Bethany’s husband)

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