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I’m Bethany

I know life can be hard, but I’ve learned that
we can rise above even the biggest challenges
and fears. No matter where you’ve come from,
or what you’re facing, you are loved by God,
and you can overcome.

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My Mission

I'm here to encourage you and show you how to be unstoppable.


Every Single Course

Make 2021 the best year of your life – and someone else’s!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned: we will always have obstacles to face in our lives.

We’ve had plenty challenges, even before 2020 happened. Right now it seems like we face some form of opposition at every turn, it feels as though the world is against us and it’s hard to stay optimistic and thrive.

You’re not alone, you don’t have to live your life based on fear and uncertainty.

With the life changing tools and empowerment you’ll receive in my Unstoppable Life Courses, you can turn the worst of environments into the beautiful, joyful life you hope to live!

We are stoked to share this message with you, and with others in need…

The free courses will go to the past and future attendees of Beautifully Flawed and The Forge, which are retreats for people who have experienced the loss of a limb, and to other charities we partner with.

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My New Film

Available on Netflix, Amazon, iTunes & DVD

Watch Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable on all the platforms you already love! Watch on Netflix, iTunes, Amazon and many more.

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Be Inspired
Through My Blog

With a healthy mind and body, and with an anchored identity in Christ, you can confidently face any obstacle that comes your way. My hope is to inspire you to chase your passions and live your purpose. Follow along as I share everything from overcoming hardships and staying true to my faith to behind the scenes videos of surf, travel and fun, plus workouts and healthy recipes.

What if you could Live Unstoppable?

You can! I can guide you.

I’ve spent over a decade learning to overcome obstacles and live the life I want to. Now I’m ready to share exactly how I do that with you. My 12-course program is impacting thousands of lives on a daily basis!

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Beautifully Flawed Foundation

Restoring Hope to

I want everyone to know they can be unstoppable! The Beautifully Flawed Foundation brings hope to those affected by limb loss and shows them how their beautiful life stories can inspire others. The non-profit also produces faith-based live youth events that motivate and share the unstoppable power of Jesus Christ’s love.

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