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April 19, 2022

My Heart Behind The ‘Ohana Experience

My first ’Ohana Experience just ended and it was absolutely rad! I’d love to share with you what this program is all about and how it relates to the calling that God placed on my heart.

For years, I have had such a heart for teen girls. I’ve always wanted to encourage young women and now being a mom myself, I realize that moms often need encouragement too! Something more than just a photo or an instagram post – something long lasting and life changing!

One of my goals is to equip the younger generation with skills to make positive life choices. This includes giving them tools to help them grow in their relationships and above all to grow in their faith. It’s an honor to show girls that they can overcome any challenges that come their way, to inspire them to choose their future wisely and to help them become confident adults.

However, it’s also so important that moms are involved in this process with their daughters! I believe that one of God’s greatest gifts to us is our mom as a mentor in our lives. My hope is also for the moms to have the confidence to be a mentor for their girls. The goal is that when the daughters are going through something hard, they can openly trust their mom and confide in them. Mothers should be our daughters number one mentor in life!

I personally have experienced the joy that comes from this special mother-daughter bond. In my teenage years, my mom was a source of steadiness for me. She spoke into my life, gave me such sweet quality time, and was a role model of how to live out my faith in a chaotic world. When times became rough, and especially when I lost my arm, I was able to lean on my mom who encouraged me to trust in the Lord. Her mentorship helped me get through those seasons by clinging to a peace and gratitude that came from God. She thankfully still has this role in my life today!

I want young girls everywhere to experience this incredible relationship! And for every mom to experience it too! This is my heart behind ’Ohana – to help build a godly connection between mothers and daughters that will last for the rest of their lives!



The ’Ohana Program is an opportunity to be personally mentored by me and to learn from incredible experts on essential topics geared towards strengthening girls, moms, and the mother-daughter bond. You also make sweet friendships with other moms and girls, grow in your faith, hang out with me at my favorite spots in Kauai and have a TON of fun!

One of my favorite moments of this last Ohana retreat was teaching all the moms and girls to surf. It was so fun sharing time in the ocean, seeing the mothers and daughters braving the waves, and watching everyone smile so much! But hearing some of the young ladies’ and their mothers’ stories was the deeper highlight! They have been through so much and it was an honor to hear the ways that they have overcome. Everyone also enjoyed the “Ono” Hawaiian dinners, adventuring around the island, and special girl time with other amazing ladies!

I would love to join more mothers and daughters out there. If you think that this sounds like something you’d like, you can sign up to have a call and get more information at this link. The next ’Ohana Experience starts on May 2nd and spots are filling up fast!

Whether you join in or not, I’m cheering you on to develop beautiful relationships and connections in your life, so that you can overcome together in all seasons!

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