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March 10, 2020

Goals, Dreams, and Speed Bumps

This year feels bright, meaningful and very exciting to me!

Towards the second half of last year I set in motion some big dreams and goals for 2020. Come November, I was at full speed, working hard towards what was ahead of me. And then…I broke my elbow. Yes, my one precious elbow… BROKEN! Not part of my plan. But it’s just a speed bump right?! Maybe I needed to slow down for a bit and take care of myself in different ways.

This is easily the worst injury I’ve faced (besides the obvious). It’s been an interesting journey learning about healing broken bones, and even more so, a BIG test of patience. I think, from now on, I might stick to carving my skateboard instead of popping ollies. It’s been about 2 1/2 months since the fracture and I have been focusing on mending it full-time.

So, what is my big dream for 2020?

Well, it is to compete full time on the World Surfing League’s Qualifying Series with hopes to qualify for the 2021 Championship Tour! And, broken elbow and all, that is still the plan!

I’ve been continuing to work hard toward my pursuit and it turns out with creativity and focus there is still a ton you can do even with one broken arm! I have been cross training with my trainer, doing a ton of physical therapy, building my mental strengthening tools, working with my coach Ross Williams on contest strategies, and more.

During this time of mending I have a special thank you to Adam for his endless care and support. He has helped me with healing just about every day since I broke it! And also thank you to my dad, Ross Williams, Rudy Rasman, Russell Lewis and many others. You all mean so much to me in this journey!

Someone wise encouraged me recently with the words: “When I am my best, it makes for a better world.” So I take that mentality into the ocean… when I surf my best, compete with all of me, it’s good for the world around me. And the same can be for all of us! In all that we do, why not be our best and rock it?! It makes for a better world!

I hope you all will cheer me on in my 2020 goals. Keep an eye out on my email list (subscribe below) and social medias for info so you can watch me compete live internationally! You can also get notifications via text, with my heat times and a link to watch online, if you text SURF to 72000 (USA only)!

By the way, I’m writing from Australia now where I am competing in the first big leg of the WQS tour… and going to New Zealand next week!

Getting vertical at the Central Coast Pro in Avoca, Australia.  Photo (c) WSL / ETHAN SMITH .


Along with surf goals I’ve also put into motion my online course “The Unstoppable Year.

It’s been SO RAD to create something so positively life changing for others! This course has been something I’ve dreamed of for years and now it is out and it is EPIC! Check out my page to learn more about living an Unstoppable life.

And to top it off this year, I’m soooo stoked to see my documentary “Unstoppable” releasing internationally!!! Yayyyy…the wait is over!!!

As always, I’m excited and grateful to continue living out family life in all the beauty and blessing that it is for Adam and me! Our boys are growing fast (Wesley just turned 2!) and have been so full of love every day!  So yes, it’s safe to say, I’m pumped for 2020!!!

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