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October 10, 2019

A Farmer’s Market Tip That Will Change How You Eat!

A friend recently asked me: What do you do when you’re curious about unfamiliar produce at the Farmer’s Market?

Well, I ask! I really love trying new locally grown fruits and vegetables.

I find that the farmer is the BEST person to talk to when you’re not sure how to consume or cook something. Don’t be shy; just ask!

I always have my favorite people at my local farmer’s market. You kind of get to know them… And it’s nice to know the people who are growing the food that you’re eating!

Here are some of the benefits of shopping at local farmers markets:

  • Get fresh, local and often more nutritious produce
  • Find new cooking ideas
  • Get to know the farmers growing your food
  • Eat seasonally to boost nutrition
  • Be part of the community
  • Have a good time

Do you shop the farmers markets in your area? Let me know what you learn or the new foods you try! Share with me at #bethanystylehealth

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