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July 14, 2020

Every Step Matters

“Showing love to those around us, while being salt and light in a chaotic world.”

This is my long time sponsor Cobian Sandal’s mission statement and it resonates with me!

Cobian is a rad family-owned sandal company out of San Diego County, and I’ve been an Ambassador for about 7 years.

Cobian is dedicated to supporting my non-profit Friends of Bethany’s mission to encourage people to be Overcomers. Cobian donates a portion from every sale of my signature sandal collection to Friends of Bethany, and has been able to contribute nearly $40,000 to date.

“In the walk of life, we at Cobian believe that ‘Every Step Matters‘. For over 25 years our customers have enjoyed Cobian’s signature comfort and value, but our main mission is to serve as a platform to support others.”

Enjoy Cobian’s “Every Step Matters” video feature that captures my passion for empowering, equipping and inspiring others to overcome their tough times. Watch here:

How rad is that?! They care about people on a deeper level which is why it’s so awesome to team up with Cobian and share a message of empowerment. We hope it will lift you up, help you accomplish your dreams and say ‘no’ to things that will hold you back.

Every step really does matter. Good and beauty can come out of any challenge, obstacle, or set back for you too! Think about how you can make each and every step count today.

FYI, for a limited time, Cobian is offering 20% Off + FREE Shipping just for YOU, my readers! Shop my Signature Sandal Collection and use promo code BETHANY20.


p.s. I’d love for you to step out and join my Unstoppable Year Course where I get really practical in helping equip YOU to be Unstoppable in your life!


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