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October 6, 2020

Emotions Like Arrows

It seems pretty normal nowadays to try and bury our negative emotions.

We have this idea that we’re supposed to always be happy or at least look like we have everything all together. I think most of us are pretty good at putting on a happy face. The daily reality is that we have a living assortment of struggles and emotions jumbling around inside of us; treating the good ones as welcomed friends and the bad ones as trash we’d like to quickly disown, ignore, or hide.

There’s a saying that every time you bury an emotion, it gets buried alive. Meaning, just because we ignore something and stuff it away, doesn’t mean it’s gone. It’s just down there waiting. When it gets poked or triggered — HELLO — it pops up and there we are wondering why we’re overreacting to something so trivial.  (I know personally if I try to ignore something that’s bugging me with Adam rather than talking about it, things just aren’t right.) One possibility is that God has a purpose for these emotions, but we need to recognize how to respond to them. Our emotions can be like arrows that help point to the places in our heart and life where Jesus wants to tend and grow an understanding of His love for you and for others.

In my journey, I’ve found that my emotions can reveal my pain, different insecurities, fears, hopes, dreams, things I long for, my gifts, and my next steps. It can reveal where I’m placing my identity or what I may be turning to as an idol. It can also reveal what God is wanting to do in my life.

So, the next time you get those heart pings I invite you to observe, notice and get curious.  If they are negative feelings of depression, anger, or jealousy, seek to understand what God’s Word says about you and your action towards others. We are loved, forgiven and set free.  Likewise, we are also called to love and forgive others.  Let God’s Word guide you on how we react to our emotions. Be aware that God is continually seeking to grow our faith in Him, through pointing out the places in our lives that we need His love and grace.

When emotions come your way try responding like this:

First, recognize what you are feeling, take a deep breath… My emotions are saying this…but what does God’s Word say? How have you called me to love others in this moment? Are you calling me to repentance? Do I owe an apology? Do I need boundaries? Are certain lies being told to me to make me feel this way? 

Good emotions? Praise God from who all blessings flow!

Being Unstoppable means surrendering our emotions to God and allowing Him to speak into them with his Word and guide us accordingly so that we can live in the freedom, love, and the joy He desires for us.

Some question you can include in a prayer-

God, thank you that you have filled me with emotion. Lord, are these feelings of  you? Is this an area in me you desire to free or redeem? Fill me with grace for this refining process. When my emotions strike something deep within me, give me clear steps on the path forward and Your Will for my life. Thank you for your law and for making a way for me. Thank you for promising to walk this journey alongside me, and for loving me unconditionally. -Amen

Journal it

What truth has God opened your eyes to see? Take a moment to reflect; writing down any of your thoughts, questions, and prayers in response.

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