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September 3, 2019

Do it With a Friend Workout

Sometimes it’s fun to workout with a friend or family member.

It’s a great way to motivate each other, and keep each other accountable.

Here are seven moves you can do as a team!


Items you’ll need:

  • workout band
  • a ball (weighted for more of a challenge, but any ball will do!)

As you go, listen to your body. If something is not feeling right, double check your form, try an easier version, or move on to the next exercise.

Written instructions below the video…

Start out with a Back-to-Back Wall Sit

  • Use each other’s backs as the wall. It’s a little tricky to get into! But it’ll really help you work on your balance and stability.
  • Stand back to back with your friend and slowly lower down together so both of your knees are at a 90 degree bend. Lean against each other to Stabilize and challenge yourself to hold for 60 seconds.



The next move is a Squat with Band Twist

  • Each person holds the end of a workout band.
  • Stand facing each other the length of the band. Your stance should be hip width apart.
  • Squat down and as you come up pull the band into your body and twist.
  • Do this move for a couple of minutes on one side, then switch arms.
  • You’ll be feelin it in your legs, arms and core!


Next is Squat with Ball Toss

  • Adding a ball toss to squats makes it more fun! We’re using a weighted ball for a little extra challenge.
  • As you catch the ball, squat down and as you toss it, stand up.
  • Pass and catch for a couple of minutes.



Next is a Russian Twist with Ball

  • Sit on the ground in a reclined position with knees up, back to back with your friend.
  • Engage your abs and pass a ball from side to side as you twist. Use a weighted ball for added challenge.
  • Do this move for a couple of minutes and feel your abs and obliques getting stronger.



Now we’ll do some Foot Throws

  • This move is killer for strong lower abs.
  • Lay on your back while your friend stands over you, and Hold on to their ankles for stability.
  • You’ll raise your legs up to their hands, and your friend will push your legs back down toward the ground.
  • The key here is to resist letting your feet touch the ground using your core and be sure to keep your back flat to the ground.
  • Alternate your throws left, center, right to engage different muscle groups.
  • Challenge yourself to do as many as you can before switching!


Next is Sit up – Stand up

  • For a lower intensity version, do a basic sit up or crunch, while your partner supports your feet.
  • To take it up a notch, try standing up after the sit up, like I’m doing in the video.
  • Aim to do this using your muscles and not your momentum
  • Start at 10 reps and do more if your feeling good!


Let’s finish off with a Sprint

  • You can time each other or race. We’re gonna race!
  • The fun part about having a friend with you, is that you can get a little competitive and push each other!

I hope this week you’ll invite a friend to workout with you. It’s always fun to catch up and feel great after a challenging workout.

Like this workout? Have questions? Share with me at #bethanystylehealth

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