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July 7, 2022

Cultural Norms vs. True Health

I love living a healthy lifestyle. 

Growing up in Hawaii, I went to the beach all the time to surf and play in the waves. Staying active and taking care of my body allowed me to pursue my dream of becoming a professional athlete. 

I learned early on that I felt so much more strong and confident when I was intentional about how I took care of myself. And what I eat is one of the most important aspects of supporting my health. Plus, I just enjoy food! 

I’m a believer that you can make almost any food healthier by elevating your ingredients to things that are more natural, cutting out the artificial junk, and steering clear of toxic oils. You may need to embrace your kitchen and start having FUN re-creating your favorite foods!

But what is good health? It may not be what the magazines or social media is portraying.

The teenage years are an especially important time to be aware of your health. And how awesome would it be to skip the cultural pressures that often come during this season?!

With all of the changes going on, there is no better time to start getting educated about what is going on in your body and how you can strengthen yourself to feel your best.

To help us navigate this topic, I invited nutritional therapy practitioner Meg Langston to share her wisdom on supporting women’s health in our ‘Ohana Mother and Daughter Live Event. I’ve been following Meg for a while now and I appreciate her heart for helping others in their health journeys. 

Meg loves to shine light into women’s health and change cultural norms on what health looks like. Meg is a practitioner of nutritional therapy and restorative wellness, as well as a root cause consultant. 

She believes the body talks back through symptoms. I’ve enjoyed learning about this because I’ve noticed that often our symptoms are normalized by the culture. It’s easy to ignore the symptoms and disregard them as typical.However, by listening to our bodies, tuning into our symptoms, and having a food-first approach, we can find healing and feel our best. Hopefully this will help us get to the root of some of our health issues before they become disease!

Meg shares some of her story in this clip about growing up in the confusing world of “diet culture”.

Like so many other women, Meg based her definition of health on what she saw in magazines and media. And, just like those same women, dieting and pursuing an “ideal” body image left her feeling empty and struggling with symptoms.

It doesn’t have to be that way! Here are just a few of Meg’s tips for supporting your health:

– Eat breakfast! Preferably within the first 30 minutes of waking up

– Eat enough. You need adequate nutrients to fuel yourself.

– Pair a protein with a carb. This is key to balancing your blood sugar!

I’m inviting you today to consider looking at food in a different light; it’s there to nourish and support you. When you take care of yourself in a way that’s healthy, you are laying the foundation to be able to just rock it in all seasons of your life!

Cheering you on today!

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