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May 14, 2019

Braving the Wild: Camping With the Kiddos

Ever since I was little I’ve loved going camping with my family.

Growing up I have countless memories exploring and enjoying Hawaii with my rad, adventurous parents and brothers. Sleeping bags straight on the beach – and you’ve got a home under the stars!

Adam grew up camping with his family too, so naturally we wanted the same for our family.

Despite their young ages, 3 and 1, we head out into the wild with excitement… and supplies! Camping keeps our kids stoked as they’re in full nature-mode from the moment we arrive AND we make epic memories!!

Camping with kids takes coordination, from the food prep -we love bringing healthy and easy to prepare snacks and meals like our Pesto Dip, Veggie Quinoa dish, and any cook-over-the-campfire type foods- to the sleeping equipment. Since our youngest just turned 1 and is still sleeping in a crib, the pack-n-play makes for the perfect camping-crib. A few other must haves on our family camping list includes:

  • Sound machine (to help Wesley have an excellent night sleep… but kinda embarrassing),
  • Tent and sleeping pad,
  • French press,
  • Giant jug of cold drinking water + our Corkcicle Canteens & Tumblers
  • Baby wipes (they are the bomb for everything),
  • Mini pool (provides a safe water choice for the little ones),
  • Balls, bocce ball, slack line,
  • Boogie and surf gear! Pretty much all the toys,
  • Sunscreen and hats,
  • Pop up tent(s),
  • Beach umbrella and beach chairs.

Basically the perfect list for young-person “glamping”, hahaha! With two big plastic bins packed full of our gear in the garage, we are ready to go at any time.

And while the above equipment helps create a positive experience for the whole family, we’ve found that our kids have so much fun running around, rambling in the dirt or sand, and relishing being outside from sunrise to sunset that they actually sleep like champions whenever we take them camping.

Whether you’re planning an adventure with little ones or thinking about time outdoors solo, camping is such a great way to relax, slow down and enjoy God’s beautiful creation. So go for it, brave the wild! These are the kind of memories that last a lifetime!

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