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October 22, 2019

Big Wave, Little Me

My son, Tobias, has been getting more into surfing recently, and its fun for me to watch him have successes, but also help him work through his fears and wipeouts.

He isn’t afraid to cry out for mama’s and dada’s help when a wave seems too big and scary for him, or cry to me in defeat after a wipeout. It’s my joy to comfort him, encourage him, and help him realize that wipe outs are part of it and to get back on his board to try again.

I think of how sometimes when I am facing a new obstacle in my life, I’m like him looking at (what seems to be) a huge wave.

I think of how sometimes when I am facing a new obstacle in my life, I’m like him looking at (what seems to be) a huge wave. It seems so much bigger than me, I feel out of my element, not knowing how to approach it seems daunting, and I may just want to cry out for help or run and hide.

Losing my arm was one of those times – this is a big deal, how am I going to face this? It’s uncharted territory.

So was becoming a mom, and facing that with a limb difference. It seemed daunting, with so many unknowns causing fear in my mind.

Some of the most helpful tools for me in those times were:

• Hearing from others who had been there (had lost a limb or were parents)

• Gratitude, prayer and trust in God

• Encouragement from family and friends

• Determining to try things that seemed hard or impossible

• Getting creative and adaptive, rather than giving up (and lots of practice!!)

Just like little Tobias learning to surf, we’re all gonna face obstacles that seem scary or uncomfortable; and we’ll have lots of wipeouts. But those are all part of the experience of life, opportunities to be embraced as a challenge with a mindset of hope and determination.

When you’re unstoppable, you embrace your obstacles with determination to overcome.


Helping you discover how you can overcome the obstacles you’re facing is one of my goals for the Unstoppable Year course – Learn More.

Side notes: Here is the surfboard Tobias is riding in the video. And you can see more of this part of my journey in my new film Unstoppable!

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