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July 23, 2020

Better Together

There are times when we need to go solo and focus on our tasks and goals and work by ourselves. But I think we can all agree that you can’t go it alone for long. Whether it is in daily life or pursuing big dreams…we need each other!

I hope that in my documentary, Unstoppable, it’s clear that from childhood to motherhood, my family and friends, even my competition, helped me to get to where I am and be who I am. From a very young age, surfing was always a family activity – we had fun and pushed each other and that’s how I got better. Later, training with coaches and friends became essential in helping my surfing improve throughout my life.

The surfing world is funny in that you are usually competing against your friends! I try not to compare myself to others, but rather appreciate, admire and be inspired by those around me. When someone has strengths I don’t, or beats me in a heat, I don’t let it bring me down (for too long). I try to celebrate their accomplishments and learn from them. We can all inspire and encourage each other along the way in whatever we are doing, even through friendly competition. Enjoying a sweet victory or accomplished goal is so much better when you can celebrate it with the people who helped get you there. Not only does community make dreams and goals possible, friends and family give more purpose and meaning in the pursuit, victories, and failures.

Even in the mundane day to day, or in the bumps we all encounter along the way, living in community is powerful and essential. I’m not much of a runner, but if my friends are going, I’ll run farther and harder than I could if I was alone. This is true in life too. Friends help you go the distance. A support system will bolster you through the challenges and the trials. For me, my family has been an incredible source of support, encouragement, and confidence. I have had emotional moments of feeling alone in my troubles or sorrows, wanting to hide away from the world, but I have found such encouragement in resisting that urge to isolate for too long by confiding in God, my husband, or a trusted friend. Relationships can lighten our load if we let them.

We are going to dig in to the topics of Friendship and Comparison in my Unstoppable Life Course(s) where I hope to encourage and equip you in your relationships, and even provide you with an awesome community who can cheer you on along the way (we call ourselves the Unstoppables).

You are awesome alone, but we are all better together!

Journal It

Who is in your life that helps lift you up when you’re down? Who do you love? Who loves you? Who do you enjoy sharing happy moments or fun adventures with? Who has supported you when you were down? Dig into these relationships, because the right friendships make you stronger.

Bless someone in your life today who has shown you love and support by sending that person a THANK YOU message and letting them know you are grateful for them.

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