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March 23, 2020

COVID-19 Response

While our governments are giving new orders every day and scrambling to stop the spread of this virus, the global community is doing all it can to stay healthy and cope with the massive changes happening around them. It’s easy for fear, insecurity and even anger to be the primary emotions we give in to. Fortunately, we are a resilient and loving community.

And while there is a fair amount of ugliness out there, I have been so inspired by the truly beautiful parts of humanity pouring out. Compassion, caring for each other’s practical needs and true generosity are all bursting out from within.

So my team and I asked ourselves, how can we be generous? What do we have and how can it help? The answer was so clear…

In light of these incredibly challenging times, I’ve decided to give away 2,500 free memberships to my course to help people rise to the occasion, truly be present and overcome their obstacles in this time of crisis.

You can watch the video announcement here:

Checkout the topics, guests and more by clicking here.

This is available to anyone, anywhere. We’re starting with 2,500 memberships, but we hope we can give away even more.

* On that note, if you’re someone with the means and you would like to donate a chunk of memberships along with us, please reach out to [email protected] and we’ll figure it out together.

** And if you are able to afford this course, consider purchasing it for yourself (and even someone else to do it with you) and leaving more spots open for those who can’t. If you’re willing to be that generous, we’d love to extend to you a generous discount. Click Here.

We’ve already seen this course change so many lives and we know it can do the same for so many more.

To apply for a membership, please complete the form below:


Learn more about the 12-month program, the topics, guests and see how it’s changed members’ lives.


And here is an invitation to the course with a bit more info as well.

We’re all in this together.

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