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October 27, 2022

A Truly Exhilarating Experience

Have you had a “moutain-top” experience? Something that left you feeling uplifted and super joyful?


Maybe it was an epic wave, an awesome win, a deep belly laugh or a great time at summer camp. We all know how AMAZING it feels! 

It’s the endorphins and hormones in our brains that give us that on-top-of-the-world feeling. God designed our bodies to produce those highs within us naturally. A natural high pours out beautifully when we do the things we love.

But sadly, many people abuse their bodies through drugs and alcohol to try and replicate those highs. These substances have destructive and often devastating consequences in the long run.

In the video below, Dr. Matt Bellace from the Natural High movement explains the science of a natural high.

“After 30 minutes of any exercise that gets your heart rate up – could be cycling, swimming, running, your brain releases chemicals…endorphins. One of those endorphins has a funny name, Anandamide. Anandamide gets released after exercising about 30 minutes or more.

It improves your mood and it improves your memory.

Smoking weed…THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, looks so much like Anandamide…but it has the opposite effect. Do that 3 or 4 times a week as a teenager [and] your mood gets worse, your memory gets worse.” ~Dr. Matt Bellace

The effect of drugs on our brain, especially brains that are still developing in the teenage years, will have a long term impact.

One of our past ‘Ohana speakers, Dr. Love, showed us this beautiful presentation of a healthy brain scan compared to the brain scan of a teen smoking marijuana. It’s scary!

To my sweet girls out there – there are so many better ways than drugs or alcohol to get that same exhilarating feeling!

When I asked my ‘Ohana girls what their natural high was, I got SO many responses! Hiking, music, being with friends, playing with animals, dancing, reading, cheer, pickleball, cooking, softball, and of course, surfing!

What activity gives you your natural high?

Check out Natural High for tons of inspiring stories, impactful speakers, and honest information about substance abuse.

Also, PLEASE view and share these videos on the dangers of vaping and fentanyl.

I’m incredibly thankful to God for His careful and beautiful design of our brains and bodies. He has gifted us with the ability to experience incredible joy and natural highs. I’m stoked for you to find yours!

Lots of love!

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