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February 4, 2021

5 Every Day Choices You Can Make to Embrace the Best in Life

We did not plan the 🌈 but it sure was a beautiful addition to the fun evening at the beach we recently enjoyed!

So often there are rainbow moments to be had, if we look for them and embrace them!

I like the saying “The best things in life are free.”

Do you agree? I do, mostly… But still you gotta search the best things out. Or just be present to recognize those best things, otherwise they might just pass us by. Sometimes you may even need to let go of something else to be able to make time for the best things.

I’ve noticed a popular approach to life for many is to hustle, to do as much as you can squeeze in a day, to go-go-go. That lifestyle can be great and no doubt there are times to get busy and hustle. But, that pace can hinder us from enjoying the best things and we may miss out on the sweet moments as they pass by!

I point this out because I think this fast paced lifestyle can steal from our joy, our deepening of relationships, and so much of the good and cherishable things life has to offer. I hope this gets you thinking about how you may want to live each day differently!

I believe we can still find our peace and beauty in life, for FREE, even in all the busyness and the challenges! It’s truly our daily choices that determine our outcomes.


A few simple things I aim to do each day, and you can too:
  1. Live to be present
  2. Look for things to be grateful for each day
  3. Set boundaries to protect the important things like family
  4. Say no to the excess stuff or doing too much
  5. Aim to use my time wisely so I can have sweet moments like these

These choices are all free and available to us to embrace each day!

What are you embracing? Are you embracing go-go-go or making time to slow down and embrace the best things?

Be still. Be present. Embrace the best things life has to offer.

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