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January 31, 2019

​Why I Love My Body

It can be weird talking about why we love our bodies. Maybe it’s because it’s so easy to be in the habit of critiquing ourselves.

To be honest I don’t always feel stoked about my body, but for the most part I’m pretty thankful. When I find my mind running with negative feelings, it more than likely stems from an unthankful attitude, comparison, or the absurd but all too common thought that I’m not good enough; all of which are really basic mindsets. Instead of nitpicking, I wanted to share why I love my body.

– For starters I really like how I can surf, and my body makes that possible. Yeah, my mind does the surfing too, but my body really rocks it!

– My body can also grow and birth children, which is way more impressive than aerials, floaters, or cutbacks. Looking at my two healthy boys, gratitude doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about my body. Thank you God!!!

– Finally, my body allows me to adventure hard, a skill I take it up on daily.

Honestly, I’m thankful for all the abilities my body has and can do! Yeah, I only have one arm; but the one arm I do have is crazy awesome! Ha, ha. I’m just trying to get you thinking about your body’s abilities rather than your shortcomings or inabilities.

What is your body good at? What does your body enable you to do?

This might be the radical shift we need; to move away from constantly critiquing our bodies and start focusing on some well-deserved compliments.

Let’s stop the lack of gratitude, end the comparisons, and thank God for how He created us. Let’s look for the good and amazing abilities that we have, whether they are physical or not, and rock them.

God created you and me. What He made is good so let’s celebrate His creation.

When you’re unstoppable, you rock the body God has given you.

Take Action:

After you read, join us by making comments describing how you encourage yourself to stay positive #BUnstoppable

I’m curious, what is one thing you might say to someone to encourage them to love their beautiful self?

Journal it:

Take note of your insights or feelings about how you may grow in your appreciation of your own amazing body. What is your body good at? What does your body enable you to do?

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