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December 8, 2018

​Amazing You

Written by my hubby, Adam Dirks

A chance to win a million dollars racing around the world with wild adventures and challenges… count us in! After getting married, Bethany and I decided to apply for the Amazing Race.

We made a fun application video of the two of us jumping off a cliff into the ocean where we met. Pretty epic right? Little did we know, the application process would be much more grueling.

The Amazing Race producers flew us to Los Angeles to complete an intensive 5-day interviewing process, all while being quarantined inside a hotel. Yuck. During our interviews the producers had issues with the fact that we were too calm and not exciting enough. Before we’d start, our interview-coach would instruct us, “You need to liven up! Talk about all the juicy drama in your life, be interesting!” In other words he was basically telling us to,”say things and act like something you’re not!” Unfortunately for him, Bethany and I weren’t going to pretend to be something we weren’t.

There are so many things subtly and blatantly telling you to be something you’re not. The photoshopped pictures on Instagram whispering, “Look like me.” The exciting lifestyles in the movies/TV shouting “Live like this!” Amongst all the blabber, the One Voice that matters is your Father in Heaven’s loving proclamation about you: Psalm 139:14, “ I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.” Listen to His voice.

​Amazing You

One of God’s wonderful works was creating you! God has been intentional in our creation and He went all-in designing each of us fearfully and wonderfully. And wherever we are in our life’s journey we can reflect on this beginning with praise and thanksgiving to a God that loved us from the start, and who approached our creation with purpose and pleasure.

Despite not being “exciting enough” Bethany and I still got on the Amazing Race! We made it all the way to the last episode coming in third place! Not too bad.

I hope and pray that you can find security and comfort in God’s voice. Lean on His understanding, not what other influences are blaring at you. Trust the truth that your Savior continually speaks to you.

When you’re unstoppable, you don’t need to conform to others roles for you. When you’re unstoppable, you step forward in your God given design and purpose.

Take Action:

After you read, journal your thoughts privately below, then join the conversation by calling out the all too common society stigmas and expectations that are put on women. How can we stay focused on God’s truth, design and purpose for our lives? #BUnstoppable

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What truth has God opened your eyes to see? Take a moment to reflect; writing down any of your thoughts, questions, and prayers in response.

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