These moves are perfect for when I’m traveling and can’t get in the ocean, but want to keep muscles toned and ready for when I get back on my board. Being low to the ground like this mimics being on a surfboard, plus it challenges the range of motion in your hips, which is key for riding the waves.


#1  Start on your stomach*, with your hands by your ribs.

#2  Push your upper body up to a standing position then jump onto your feet, bringing one foot forward like you’re standing on a surfboard.

#3  Jump up with your hands in the air, then immediately return to the starting position.

#4  Repeat, alternating sides for as many times as you can in 30 seconds.


*This move can also be done, as in the video, from the starting position of laying on your back, which works the abdominals more.


A tip from my trainer, Dustin Dillberg: If you want to push yourself harder, add a jump squat. Once you’re up, do a squat and jump. When you land, get back down. Switch sides as you go.


This fitness tip is an excerpt from my 2014 book, Body and Soul, which is available here at my webshop.