Riding Kelly Slater’s Wave Ranch

So Bethany got a call from Kelly Slater, who invited her out to surf at his man-made solar-powered wave ranch. You do not turn that down. Presently touted to be the “World’s Best Man-made Wave” the wave machine puts out a right- and, now, left- breaking, barreling wave which has been carefully designed by top pro surfer Kelly Slater and his team.

“It’s a dream because I’ve been wanting to work on my backside barrel riding,” Bethany says. “And today, I got more more backside barrels in one session than I did ever. It makes you giggle and giddy.”

“Bethany’s backside tuberiding is an athletic feat that not any other person on earth has,” remarks Slater. “She doesn’t have the ability to grab the rail. It just blew me away.”

Video Courtesy: Kelly Slater Wave Co