Pregnancy Movement

Moving my body is so important to me, and yes, especially while being pregnant. Giving birth is so physical; I believe it’s important to stay in decent shape for labor. I’ve learned to believe it is also very important to have a healthy overall posture and pelvis positioning which can make the world of difference in your labor. Along with movement, I think having a healthy state of mind and a great well-balanced diet is essential.


With birth in the near future, I really want to have a healthy, smooth, all-natural delivery and I am willing to work for it. So here you go–my take on moving during my pregnancy. (I think these are all great to do pregnant or not!)


This pregnancy, being my second I surfed till about 6 1/2 months along, then I felt ready to take a lil break. I had also lightened up on any hard impact movement at just around 5 months along. It was that time I learned I was dealing with a bit of Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), which I did not have in my first pregnancy. SPD is a more-than-normal separation of the pubic bone and causes pain around that area. If your curious to learn more, google it.


SPD has taught me a lot about my body and caused me to slow down in a good way. Life is often just too fast! As hard as it is for me to slow down it’s has been nice to take a break and I think it’s been really healthy for me. Slowing down has allowed me to listen to my body more, take naps, embrace pregnancy and mother hood more fully! I’ve also noticed this cultural push for the pregnancy fitness, and I wish I would see more balance in loving on yourself while staying active. So I hope you mommas take it easy on yourself a have some necessary TLC. Plus, as a bonus to the break from surfing, when I get back in the ocean I’ll have a fresh spark of excitement!


As an athlete I know my body well and always look for ways to care and keep healthy. This is just a glimpse (almost more on the side of ‘generic’) look into what I do. I have a whole routine of posture focused movements that I’ve received from the help of my professional friends, which I do along with these.


Here are some of my favorite #ThirdTrimester movements:

Lunges, squats* and bridges, these are great foundational moves.

• I do these slow, focused on form, and gentle.

• Usually I go bare foot because I like to activate all the muscles in my feet.

• When I squat I make sure to go as low as I can.

* If there is any knowledge or belief that your baby is breach and over 32-34 weeks, do not do squats.

I do these ball squeezes in lunge form and centered between my legs. And mini ball squeezes.

I incorporate an array of different barre style side-laying leg movements.

Everyday I do lots of “cat and dog.” Which was recommended by a book called the “Bradley Method.” This book also recommended a million kegles!

One move here that feels amazing is the “Windmills.” You stand hip width apart and hips remain level and still.  Keep your arms locked, standing against a wall. Slowly but smoothly bend your torso to one side, then the other side. If you do 30 of these you will surely feel it in the best way the next day!

I walk everyday, cause that’s the doctors orders, but I must admit it’s more of a chore because my hips get achy. But with a friend or my loved ones, I enjoy it!

Swimming feels amazing on my joints and body overall. I aim to swim around 20-30 minutes. Plus swimming keeps me in paddling shape for surfing!

Skateboarding is fun, and I take it easy. I’m not worried about falling cause it comes natural for me and I’m very controlled. I like that it emulates surfing so I can bounce back fast!


Staying active help me with my energy levels and keeps me happy! All the best to all you prego moms out there!! I hope you find a lil motivation here to rock a healthy pregnancy!


NOTE: If any movement is unusually painful, please stop it immediately and consult your healthcare professional.