Going into the holidays, now is a great time to cut back on your sugar intake. Especially after Halloween, I’m sure everyone is sugared-out! Adam and I just started “No Sugar Week.” All week, we will be denying ourselves from eating any forms of sugar. Why? Cutting out sugar is great for the body. See the picture of white sugar above? There’s absolutely NOTHING good for you in this. And surprisingly, it’s found in SO many of the food items on our shelves. When we cut sugar from our diets, it allows our bodies to function better, resulting in clearer skin, healthier teeth & gums, less cravings, and can even help prevent disease.

Practicing self-control is also a really healthy thing to do. Most of us have little to no self control when it comes to dessert. So this is a really good mental exercise. Say “no” to your sweet tooth!


Join us!


If you’re IN, get started right away…

• REMOVE TEMPTATION from your house. You’ll be more likely to succeed if you get rid of all the sugary treats, snacks, desserts, and packaged food items* right now.

• STOCK UP on the good stuff. When shopping for healthy eats, be sure to check labels*. Sugar is a secret ingredient in many packaged food items.

• When eating out, ENJOY SIMPLICITY: Salads (oil and lemon juice as dressing*), veggies, grilled meats (not prepared with sauce* or batters), brown rice or quinoa… Choose water with lemon for your drink. Use that self control!


**Beware of sugar hiding in sauces, breads, crackers, drinks and really anywhere. Use this week to get to know your labels. And do NOT go for the artificial sweeteners which are awful for you as well!!


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