How Baby Wearing Keeps Me Doing What I Love

Since becoming a mother I have joined a core- and dare I say, fanatical- group of babywearers! That’s why I’m stoked to be partnering with Baby Tula to release a signature ‘Soul Surfer’ baby carrier design. Available through my Shop. Here’s a bit of the story of our collaboration:


After my son, Tobias, was born, I went out of my way to “wear” him. A Baby Tula carrier was the perfect way to do that! I looked at his first 3 months as the 4th trimester, and made it a point to have lots of skin to skin contact and keep him bundled. It was a beautiful time to bond as child and parent, allowing him to grow in trust, and feel safe in his new environment. My husband, Adam, even wore Tobias a lot! We would take turns. In his first 3 months Tobias was a bit colicky, so we’d do nighttime walks up and down our driveway using the carrier, and it worked. It was a good way to keep him upright after feeds.


Out in public, I found wearing him would keep people’s hands off him more, and I liked that. There’s a time and a place to allow people to touch your new baby, and for me the store, the airport, etc was not that place.


As my son grew, especially during the 4-10 month age but even now as a toddler, he would get really clingy in the evenings. All moms know that babies get needy! It is a beautiful, healthy thing for a young child to want mom. But it often happens at times where mom needs to get stuff done, cook dinner, or spend time with her man. The winning solution for me has been strapping on my Tula carrier. I can comfort and cuddle my son while continuing to do what I need and love to do. Adam and I would go on sunset strolls to spend time together, and Tobias was there, but he was so content that it felt like quality husband/wife time. It was nice to have my hand free to hold my hubby’s!


On top of all this, as an amputee with one arm wearing my baby allows me to have my hand free to use for whatever I need to do!


The design for my ‘Soul Surfer’ signature carrier was a collaboration with Tula’s design team to create a pattern that expressed my passion for surfing. Being an ocean lover, I wanted my carrier to be water inspired. I also love the color blue! Soul Surfer has a modern abstract pattern of blue ocean waves and navy blue canvas to create a carrier that has a cool beach vibe. Accent embroidery appears on the waistband that includes my signature logo and the Baby Tula motto which even resonates with my story: ‘Keep Doing What You Love.’


When tough times come, it’s a beautiful thing to keep doing what you love. It can be a way to heal and overcome.  I’ve had the opportunity to continue my surf career following childbirth.  Surfing is something I will always love to do, but even more, I love coming home to my husband and son.