Greens, Eggs & Avo: A Complete Breaky!

Eggs fried in grassfed butter, with pesto, sauteed greens and avocado. Mmmm. This has been our go-to breakfast (or lunch!) lately. Tobias has been liking eggs a ton!


What you’ll need:
– 1-2 organic eggs
– partial bunch of organic greens (try kale, spinach, swiss chard, collard, or mustard)
– 1 ripe avocado
– 2-4 tbsp. grass-fed butter
– 1 spoonful of basil pesto (see my recipe)
– 1 spoonful of chevre (goat cheese)
– sea salt and ground pepper to taste


How to prepare:
1- Fry your egg(s) in grass-fed butter (learn how),
2- Sautee greens (learn how)
3- Slice avocado
4- Plate the egg(s), greens, and avocado. Top with pesto, sea salt, ground pepper, and chevre (optional).


Enjoy a great, healthy start to your day!