Starting this year’s health tip off with a bang! And I’m gonna guess it might scare most of you away(; Introducing my “Green on Green Salad Smoothie!”


This is often my mid day or afternoon snack drink lately and Adam likes it too. I love it because it’s full of amazing foods and it low in sugar! It’s full in veggie fiber and very alkalizing. Let me know via Twitter how you like it, if you dare to try!


Green on Green Salad Smoothie for 2
Mix in Vitamix or Blendteck blender for best results (;
– Half Thumb size of ginger and tumeric
– Few mint leaves, parsley, or cilantro for extra healthy
– Half lemon
– Half Apple
– Half cucumber
– Handful of spinach
– A few stalks of celery
– Carrot
– Handful of ice cubes
– Cup of water
(Optional) Scoop of Amazing Grass “Lemon lime green super food” powder



Mamas sharing Green on Green Salad Smoothie