Eat Salt to Your Taste

I believe our body knows when it needs salt. It’s is essential to our being.


Especially if you live an active life or live in a climate that leads you to perspire more, you likely need salt.


This may be contrary to what you’ve heard (i.e. “the low salt diet”); but I believe that is misinformation. Like the “low fat diet” fad was a big one and turned out to be detrimental to many people’s health. We need the healthy fats and salts!


So Adam and I make sure we have a healthy type of salt in our kitchen and we even travel with our good salt (often your average table salt is terrible for you) and we make sure to eat to our taste buds desire. The salts we get are from ancient seas. Good salts to eat are: Himalayan Salt, Real Salt, and Sea salts.


Here’s a “food for thought” podcast we listened to featuring a guy who did a 2 year study on salt and wrote a book on his discoveries. We enjoyed it, yet did not completely agree with everything; so please listen with a “grain of salt,” haha.


With this health tip, I hope you are already taking your overall health more serious and this will be a great addition to a well balanced, healthy diet. I recommend working with a nutritionist or integrative health doc if you have health concerns.


Photo Copyright: pinkomelet / 123RF Stock Photo