Dynamic Stretching

A heart-pumping approach to stretching.

Here’s a fun way to incorporate stretching into your workouts. Dynamic Stretching, or stretching with movement, is a type of stretching that’s broadly used. I’ve been incorporating it into my workouts for a few years now, but I didn’t know the name until recently. It’s a great way to start your workout cause you’re warming up your body and stretching it at the same time; whereas with regular stretching you could be more prone to injury due to the muscles not being warmed up.

The Video I’m sharing is by Built Lean; I like it because the dynamic stretching routine he does is simple, and a great one to start with for anyone new to this type of stretching. The video introduces 5 dynamic stretches that you can use to warm up before your workout. Or if you’re new to working out, this may be like a workout for you! He also includes 2 extra, more advanced stretches.

Have fun trying something new!