I’ve kinda had to learn this tip several times and it’s hard.  If you have been training, involved with sports, or some form of exercise, injury can and does happen. When it does it is important to make the right moves to allow our bodies to heal.


I recently sprained my knee surfing and was able to bounce back pretty quick by taking these steps:


REST – It was so hard to just rest, especially when there was fun waves.  It’s important to rest and not put strain on the injury though.


ICE – Icing for 20 minutes at a time reduces inflammation and allows quicker healing.


COMPRESS AND ELEVATE – Compressing with an ACE bandage reduces inflammation (I actually use the inside of an old bike tire to wrap the area); and of course elevating the injured area.


At the end of the day, listen to your body and the advice of others. You’ll know your limits and when you’re ready to get back out there!