Bethany’s Signature Surfboards

It gets me pumped up to see young girls and boys enjoying the ocean; and it’s something I always hope to encourage. Surfing is such a healthy sport too! There’s been growing influx of young women surfing and I hope to see that keep going! So, for the first time, Channel Islands Surfboards (CI) and I collaborated to make some fun, affordable soft-top surfboards that your whole family can enjoy. Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced you can have a blast on them!


Are these the types of board I’d ride for high level, boundary pushing competitive surfing – NO. Channel Islands has an array of high performance boards to meet those needs. But are these the types of boards I bring to family beach days – absolutely!! These boards put the fun and accessibility of surfing at the forefront. These are the playful, not-so-serious, have fun boards!


Adam and I, with a friend of ours, gave design input and graphic direction; with that, CI developed an affordable range of boards that provide a ton of stoke—for every level of surfer. I always like to have color on my boards, so it was important for me that the boards be full of fun color, and the light blue is one of my favorite colors! The stand-out designs are unique in the soft-top marketplace and look great on the beach and in the water…. not to mention they photograph really well 🙂


The soft top material is ideal for beginners’ safety and comfort of ride. Each board comes with a note from me with some important surfing tips!


Wondering which board is right for you?

Factors for selecting a surfboard that is right for you would be: your ability, how much you weigh, and what type of waves you’ll be surfing. As a beginner, you’ll want a board with volume.


9’0” Longboards are a great choice for beginners, young and old. If you’re looking for a board for a beginner surfer, I’d recommend the 9’0″. Since it has a lot of volume, it will be easier to paddle into waves and feel the most stable of the three sizes we offer. This is a safe decision if your new to surfing and need a stable board.


7’0” This is a great “fun” board for a teen/adult who is at an intermediate level, and is taller than 5’6″ or weighs over 110 lbs. It’s also suitable for light-weight beginners; it will feel pretty stable and be a little easier to maneuver than the 9’0″.


5’6” I recommend this board for intermediate surfers who are not over 5’6″ tall and want a playful shortboard for mushy conditions. It’s also a reasonable choice as a shorter option for new light-weight surfers 6 years old or younger. My 4 yr old nephews have fun getting pushed into small waves with this one, and my niece at 6 paddles into little waves on it.